This memorial trophy was presented to Te Rōpū Whakahau at the Hui-ā-tau, Wellington 14-15 Huitanguru 2001. It represents the importance of te reo and tikanga to Māori cultural identity and Robin’s personal contribution and commitment to librarianship.  The award recognises the recipient’s commitment in promoting te reo and tikanga Māori within the library profession. This award will be presented annually at the Te Rōpū Whakahau Hui-ā-Tau.


  • The award will be presented to a member who has shown initiative, creativity, dedication and promotion of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori within libraries and within Te Rōpū Whakahau.
  • Any member may be nominated, but all nominees must consent to their inclusion.
  • Nominations for the award must be written and can be submitted at anytime during the year, with the closing date of one week prior to hui-ā-tau of each year. Email nominations to trw@trw.org.nz 
  • A nomination for the award must include a written account stating how the nominee has shown initiative, creativity, dedication and promotion of te reo and tikanga Māori within libraries and/or within Te Rōpū Whakahau.
  • The recipient will present a formal address detailing their efforts and activities during the year at the next Te Rōpū Whakahau Hui-ā-Tau, just prior to the presentation to the next recipient.
  • Ngā Kaiwhakahau will shortlist applicants for the award and select a recipient.

List of Recipients

2003 – Ann Reweti
2004 – Raniera Kingi
2005 – Haneta Pierce
2006 – Anahera Morehu
2007 – Alice Heather
2008 – Nekenekeiterangi Paul
2009 – Sandy Nepia
2010 – Raewyn Paewai
2011 – Cellia Joe-Olsen
2012 – Jacinta Paranihi
2013 – Hemi Rukuwai Jury
2014 – Te Rangirangi Tangohau

2015 – Sheeanda Field
2016 – Ariana Tikao
2017 – Jacqueline Snee

Jacqueline Snee (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Porou)

Jacqueline is the Kaiwhakarato Pārongo Rangahau Māori at Albany campus.  Jacqui has been in her role less than two years and she has shown initiative, creativity, dedication, tenacity and the willingness to promote te reo and tikanga Māori to those prepared to listen. This is a challenging task to navigate, and she has done it with patience and dogged determination. Below are some of her outstanding achievements, making her deserving of the Robin Hakopa Te Reo Māori Award:

  • Team member of the University’s Māori Language Advisory Group Subcommittee – Whakatairanga i te reo Māori (Promotion of te reo Māori across the university)
  • Actively promotes Māori Language Month initiatives as well as participates in the creation and development of activities
  • Along with two other Māori staff she does Kupu o te Wiki on our library blog. This promotes te reo Māori to Massey patrons and general readers of the blog
  • Uses initiative and facilitates te reo sessions with library staff
  • Includes te reo greetings and signoffs in emails and letters
  • Bicultural Convenor for Massey Albany Library’s- Kakano Rua Seminar
  • Supports Māori staff and students using our Māori resources including te reo resources
  • Collaborates with Māori@Massey to promote Māori Seminars which are held in the library
  • Contributes to the work of the University and Library staff for bilingual signage within the library
  • Member of the Albany Waiata Group
  • Advocates for Māori Subject Heading workshops to our Cataloguing team
  • Team member contributing to the Bicultural Statement for the library’s Digitisation Strategy
  • Member of the Cultural Audit project team for the library and this will include looking at biculturalism from all aspects
  • Her knowledge around cataloguing has been instrumental when implementing Māori Subject Headings into our Ngā Kupu Ora Collections. She has been an asset to have on that project team.
  • Demonstrates Māori culture and te reo to our PACE students who are mostly international students
  • Māori Services was asked if they could take some pronunciation lessons/workshops for library staff. Jacqui agreed to do this for the Albany Library
  • Developing the creation of a Mātauranga Māori package for library staff
  • Committed to the kaupapa of supporting Māori students and staff

Jacqui’s role is to support Māori staff and students in any way she can. Her role is to purchase for the Ngā Kupu Ora Collection paying particular attention to those written in te reo Māori. Being the only Māori within the Albany library I know must be isolating for her but she has truly demonstrated her commitment to supporting and promoting te reo Māori.

Māori are gold and should be treated as such. Having a wahine that speaks Maori is such a bonus.