Te Rōpū Whakahau Global Vision Report

This report forms part of the Indigenous Matters Section report and should be included as a distinct indigenous perspective from Māori (indigenous people of New Zealand). From 9-12 May 2017, in Rotorua, New Zealand, over 50 Māori librarians gathered for their annual conference, as part of this event, each had the opportunity to participate in a conversation about how a united library field can tackle the challenges of the future.  The event was further followed up in June through to July to capture responses.  Together we represent 2,620 years of library experience.
The composition of participants ranged from special, school, tertiary, and public librarians. As is consistent with Māori perspectives on repositories and what is defined as a library from an indigenous perspective, participants also included people who work or are affiliated in archives, museums, galleries, and local marae (traditional structures of Māori society).
General observations indicated apathy towards ‘more’ library industry survey and ‘questioning’ in terms of whether an indigenous voice would actually be heard within a highly westernised federation. This is based on experience and challenges currently faced by members locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  Despite this, participants were open to contributing ideas as part of the Indigenous Matters Section.
Further information about the Global Vision Project is availabe at https://globalvision.ifla.org/