New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults – Wright Family Foundation Te Kura Pounamu Award for Te Reo Māori

This award is administered in partnership by LIANZA, Te Rōpū Whakahau and the New Zealand Book Awards Trust
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The Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa offered annually an award, known as the Te Kura Pounamu Award, established in 1995.  The award is now administered by the New Zealand Book Awards Trust.

Hautipua Rererangi by Julian Arahanga and illustrated by Andrew Burdan; Nga Waituhi o Rēhua by Katerina Te Heikoko Mataira Arohanui by Huia Publishers, illustrated Andrew Burdan.

Te Kura Pounamu award finalists 2013


The award will be made to the author of a book that is considered to be a distinguished contribution written in Te Reo Māori to the literature for children or young people. The author shall be a citizen or resident of Aotearoa New Zealand. The first award will be made in 1996 for a work published at any time up to the end of the 1995 calendar year. Thereafter the award will be made for a work published in the preceding calendar year.
The award shall consist of a sum of money to be decided from time to time. There are no limitations on the character of the book except that it is original work, or, if traditional in design, new to children’s literature and the result of individual research, the re-telling and interpretation being the writer’s own.
The format and physical make-up of the book shall be a consideration. No reprint or new edition of a book shall be eligible for the award.
In the financial year ending the thirtieth day of June 1996 and in each succeeding financial year, the Council shall at its last regular meeting appoint a panel of at least three judges to consider books published during the previous calendar year.
The judges shall include a representative of the LIANZA, a representative of Te Rōpū Whakahau and a person with sufficient expert knowledge to facilitate the process of judging. The recommendation of the judges shall be forwarded to the Executive Director no later than May of the following year and the Council shall make an award in terms of the recommendation.
Council may, after considering the recommendation of the judges, decide that no award be made in that particular year.
Judges may nominate books for consideration, or books may be submitted to the judges or through the Executive Director of the Association.
In the event of a difference of opinion, a majority of the judges shall decide, but the unanimous vote of all three judges shall be necessary in the event of a second award to the same writer. In the event of the judges deciding that no work of sufficient merit has been published during the year under review no award shall be made for that year.
Judges shall be expected to make themselves familiar with the reception the books under consideration have received, by discussing them with children, and to give due weight to the information so obtained in arriving at a decision.
The award is to be announced at any appropriate time, but no later than the annual meeting of the Association following the judges recommendation.


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