Programme Hui ā-tau 2018 PDF

He Kura te Tangata.

Our facilitator for our hui ā-tau is Huia Winiata.  Huia Winiata is of Ngāti Huia and Ngāti Raukawa descent through his father, and Ngāti Whakaue and Ngāti Awa through his mother.  Huia is a kaihautū of Te Kāhui Whakatupu Mātauranga and a contributor to the Iwi and Hapū Studies programme.

Rātū [Turei] 13 Huitānguru 2018 – He Kura te Tangata Manaakitanga

10.30am Airport pickup – Wellington attendees to meet at National Library of New Zealand
11.00am Tour of He Tohu @ National Library of New Zealand
12.30pm Depart for Ōtaki – Lunch on bus
2.00pm Pōwhiri @ Te Wānanga o Raukawa
Housekeeping/ Registrations/ Accommodation
Whakamarama e pā ana ki Te Wānanga o Raukawa
Marie Waaka
An explanation and some guidelines while we are here at Te Wānanga o Raukawa
3.30pm Kai timotimo
4.00pm He Kura te Tangata
Maewa Kaihau
A short explanation on our theme and whakatauākī “He Kura te Tangata”
4.15pm Campus walk – Mārama Bevan and team.
4.45pm He Tohu: He whakapapa kōrero, he whenua kura
Stefanie Lash & Polly Martin
In April of 2017 Te Rua Mahara o te Kawanatanga with the oversight and guidance of Mana Whenua and Iwi Leaders moved three iconic constitutional documents that shape Aotearoa, He Whakaputanga, Te Tiriti and the Petihana Whakamana Poti Wāhine from Te Rua Mahara o te Kawanatanga to the beautifully designed He Tohu exhibition space at Te Puna Matauranga o Aotearoa.
Stefanie and Polly will talk about the issues, research and other  experiences working for He Tohu
5.30pm Kai o te pō
7pm Karakia
Mihimihi | Whanaungatanga
Quiz & spot prizes

Rāapa [Wenerei] 14 Huitānguru 2018 – He Kura te Tangata Amorangitanga

8am Parakuihi
9am Housekeeping
9.05 Keynote speaker
Mereana Selby, Tumuaki, Te Wānanga o Raukawa
Info to come
Mereana Selby, Ngāti Raukawa
10.00am Virtualising the Stories of Ngākau Māhaki
Victor Grbic
This presentation shares a recent research project that investigated how mātauranga Māori, recorded histories and events associated with Unitec’s Te Noho Kotahitanga marae can be shared within a digital space. The challenge was to model a digital repository that could meet the needs of Unitec’s diverse and changing learning community, while upholding the rangatiratanga of Māori partners.  Key questions explored were: what are the implications for storing taonga and mātauranga Māori within digital spaces; and how might Māori processes of engagement with and on marae be transposed to a digital space? Kaupapa Māori approaches framed the research methodology and because of this, Māori knowledge and interests in the design of the prototype website ‘Te Rua’ were privileged. The Māori research partners’ recommendations were supported by research into current digital media platforms and tools associated with indigenous content and cultural heritage projects.  The iterative and collaborative research approach concluded that taonga and mātauranga Māori can be successfully transposed to digital spaces. The ‘Te Rua’ website will thus be presented as a virtual learning environment in which rangatiratanga has been a design focus aimed at ensuring student access and engagement with taonga aligns with tikanga Māori.
Waiata session
Led by Hinureina Mangan and Anahera Morehu
10.30am Kai timotimo
11am Poupou Huia te Reo
Heitia Raureti
Heitia and team will talk about the online language course Poupou Huia te Reo
11.30am Hui ā Tau = Annual General Meeting
1pm Kai o te poupoutanga o te rā
2pm Hīkoi
Rupene Waaka
Sites of significance within walking distance of Te Wānanga o Raukawa, with commentary from Rupene, including: Rangiātea, monument, memorial park, Ōtaki Museum, Ōtaki Library, Māoriland Hub, hokohoko
3.30pm Kai timotimo
4.00pm Whiti te Rā ki Ōtaki
Kahura Cameron
Whiti te Rā ki Ōtaki is a rugby league team, club and whanau. They have won five consecutive Championships, three in the Manawatū competition and back to back champions in the Wellington competition. The highlight was going undefeated during the 2016 season.

The leadership of Whiti te Rā rugby league has resulted in a resurgence of activity across their other grades and sports as well. Whiti te Rā club are now able to boast multiple junior grade teams, netball teams and a dedicated and very supportive Masters grade rugby league team. It is also a goal to have a competitive Women’s rugby league team representing Whiti te Rā as it was in the beginning.

4.30pm Pakari tinana @ Mauri Tū, Ngā Purapura
An organised hauora session
Spot prizes
5.30pm Kai o te pō
7pm Karakia
Film night at the Māoriland Hub, 68 Main Street, Ōtaki
hosts Libby Hakaraia & Tainui Stephens
·         Journey to Ihipa by Vicki-Anne Heikell
·         Other films by Ngā Pakiaka

Rāpare [Taite] 15 Huitānguru 2018 – He Kura te Tangata Mohiotanga

8.00am Parakuihi
9am Housekeeping
9.05am Keynote speaker
Louise LaHatte, President, Te Rau Herenga LIANZA
Info to come
10am Whangaia te Rito – Kohanga reo reading programme
Jermaine Tai-Rakena
Whangaia te Rito was first launched in 2003, under Manukau Libraries (pre-amalgamation). The director/curator of the programme was CLM Jennifer Barnett, in partnership with the late Mori Herewini, kaiako of Manurewa kohanga reo. In this presentation, I will discuss my experiences in delivering the programme, along with various obstacles and positive outcomes.
The aim of this presentation is to provide an insight into the implementation of a programme such as Whangaia te Rito – it is unique, and no other programme quite like it has been executed anywhere in Aotearoa.
Wāhine: Beyond the dusky maiden (title tbc)
Ariana Tikao
Ariana Tikao, who co-curated the ‘Wāhine: Beyond the dusky maiden’ exhibition in the Turnbull Gallery last year, will talk about the dynamic community that formed around the exhibition which celebrated mana wahine. By telling stories relating to atua wahine, some ‘movers & shakers’ of Māoridom such as Merata Mita, and Eva Rickard, as well as some Māori women of today who defy stereotypes, the exhibition allowed for a greater diversity of voices to be heard. Ariana will highlight the importance of creating political spaces within our institutions, which can allow the creation of safe places to wānanga, and allow the expression previously hidden identities. This was borne out in the events and collaborations that came to fruition as a part of the exhibition programme and beyond.
Kei wareware te mana o te wahine (Pay heed to the mana of women) 
 – Whaia McClutchie
10.30am Kai timotimo
11am Te Waari Carkeek
11.30am Lightening sessions combined
Puna Maumahara ki Tamaki Makaurau
Judith Waaka, Kelly Te Kare & Phillip Livingstone
In 2017 the number of Māori roles at Ngā Pātaka Kōrero o Tāmaki Makaurau increased from 15 to 29.  By partnering with Te Wānanga o Raukawa to deliver the Heke Puna Maumahara programme in Tāmaki Makaurau. In this presentation we will discuss our experience of working with Te Wānanga o Raukawa, the journeys of our staff as tauira of Heke Puna Maumahara and how the programme has enriched Auckland Libraries and the communities we work with.
12.00pm Poutuarongo Puna Maumahara
Hinureina Mangan
Kōrero about this Bachelor Degree.  Graduates will have be able to work in a range of organisations that care for and/or manage information including libraries, archives, museums, whānau, hapū and iwi repositories.  They will be able to assist whānau, hapū and iwi to design and implement information systems.
12.30pm Lightening sessions
Te Tiriti o Waitangi leading the framework at Te Tumu Herenga
Anahera Morehu
Te Tiriti o Waitangi is a foundation on which the new service delivery model, aspirations, values and principles of Te Tumu Herenga are based.  The presentation discusses how contribution of Te Tumu Herenga staff is taking the lead within the larger organisation and what impacts upon Te Tumu Herenga in creating best practice models across the organisation.
Waiata session with Anahera
1pm Kai o te poupoutanga o te rā
2pm Ngā Kaiwhakahau session updates

  • Māori Subject Headings
  • Mātauranga Māori Workshops
  • 2019 Hui ā-tau, IILF & IFLA Indigenous Matters Section visit
  • Waiata
2.30pm Haerenga ki tātahi. 
Chelsey Jones and Tiriata Carkeek
Hīkoi, taraiwa rānei ki te takutai moana. Ka kohi pipi pea. Kōrero tuku iho.
Walk or drive to Ōtaki beach, to hear local stories shared by locals. Hopefully the tide is out.
3.30pm Kai timotimo at the beach
4pm Return from Ōtaki beach.
Prepare for hakari and the evening programme
6pm Hakari
Awards presentations
Waiata | ngahau

Rāmere [Paraire] 16 Huitānguru 2018 – He Kura te Tangata Rangatiratanga

8am Parakuihi
9am Housekeeping
9.05am Keynote speaker 
Ina te mahi, he rangatira: Disordering Colonial Notions of Leadership
Ani Mikaere
The concept of the rangatira conveys important clues about the personal qualities that our tūpuna valued and the behaviour to which they aspired. It operates within the theoretical framework of whakapapa, which prioritises the nurturing of relationships and the maintenance of balance between all facets of our existence.
The British imperialists’ obsession with power and control cut across our understandings about the way that authority and responsibility operate. Models of leadership that were premised on Western assumptions about the benefits of hierarchy were introduced for the specific purpose of achieving colonial domination. While the past forty years have witnessed an extraordinary push back against the forces of colonialism within Aotearoa, the toxin of colonial influence continues to permeate many of our most fundamental beliefs and practices. This presentation will focus on the concept of the rangatira in order to examine the extent to which our contemporary understanding of the term risks tightening, rather than breaking, the stranglehold of colonialism.
Ani Mikaere, Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Porou. She is Kaihautū of Te Kāhui Whakatupu Mātauranga at Te Wānanga o Raukawa.
10am Wai rākau
Roimata Taniwha-Paoo
Auckland Libraries Māori responsiveness plan Te Kauhanganui encourages us to engage with our local community and inspire them on their journey within Te Ao Māori. During Auckland Libraries Matariki celebrations, we invited our hāpori to participate in our Rongo Māori courses.
These courses offered the opportunity to interact with rakau and become familiar with them. During the course whānau would learn about tikanga in the ngahere, plant identification and manufacturing a product from harvest.
The course was executed with great success. Join me as I share with you my beautiful experience in helping whānau reconnect with the whenua.
He uri whakatipu a Roimata nō Tainui waka mai Ngāti Mahuta. I tipu ake ia ki Ōtara, e mahi ana ia ki Ngā Pātaka Kōrero o Tāmaki Makaurau ki Ōtara.
Waiata session – for poroporoaki
10.30am Kai timotimo
11am Rongoā
Anne Drenah Kaka
12noon Kai o te poupoutanga o te rā
1pm Poroporoaki | Karakia
Initiated by Te Rōpū Whakahau
2.30pm Coach departs Ōtaki
Coach arrives to load bags 2.15pm


Written by Tumuaki Te Ropu Whakahau