Meri Mygind – wahine toa award.

This wahine is the very definition of initiative, creativity, dedication and promotion of Māori services within libraries.  She is always coming up with ideas for encouraging engagement within the library and Te Ao Māori. She plans big and she often gives voice to others creativity and vision as well.  She is never stingy with the limelight and fully encourages her colleagues to shine bright like whetū in the sky. 

She is fearless & doesn’t suffer fools lightly!

* Has a wonderful sense of humour

* Compassionate and very loving if she thinks you are deserving

* very mathematical minded, astute, quick and clever, great problem solver

* will support the underdog.

* very creative and will give anything a go….

* has a strong sense of self and knows who she is 

Being given credit for things is a by product for her, getting the idea to fruition, and challenging and shaking up how things are done,  is her reward.  Taking our services out to the whanau and bringing different audiences through the doors, is something she does with ease.  She is a phenomenal force to be reckoned with and has the stamina of an Olympian. She never takes short cuts and is thorough in everything she does.

a few examples of her mahi…

  • waiata rōpū,
  • reo lessons for staff
  • she made a giant reo scrabble board that is used within the library
  • reo posts with a word a week
  • signage for our building, and media.
  • constantly sharing clips and advice on pronunciation and awesome Māori information
  • hosting local artists to do workshops within the library – a fun one was about decolonising your wardrobe. 
  • hosting other events when there is kaupapa Māori.
  • traveling specifically to share education with Māori scholarship programmes with the aim to demystify our library services and get our Māori whānau in the door.

It is our honour to present the Meri Mygind Wahine Toa award to: Sheeanda McKeagg

Written by Tumuaki Te Ropu Whakahau

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