The much anticipated fifth Te Ūkaipō journal was launched yesterday at Te Wānanga o Raukawa, Ōtaki. The Te Ūkaipō series includes writing by a range of women, mostly from the ART Confederation: Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Toarangatira, who have generously shared their stories. 
Te Ūkaipō 5 continues the tradition: “…we are invited to partake in a hākari.  There are contributions that will appeal to a range of tastes.  The depth of flavour in each of the creations will be savoured as readers are treated to the talents of a group of women who generously share their personal thoughts and careful considerations on a host of topics.  There are examples of creative and academic writing, private reflections of good times and sad, historical family accounts and memories of growing up, a declaration about the precarious state of our language, a tale capturing a well-known historical event (presented in both English and Māori), and a fascinating account of a potato fact-finding expedition.  You only have to look at the list of titles to whet your appetites!” 
The book launch was a celebration of Māori women writers and was attended by contributors from the past four Te Ūkaipō, as well as contributors to the latest, Te Ūkaipō 5. It is hoped that more women will be inspired to consider contributing to the gamut of Māori women writers, and in turn to the mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) continuum. 
To purchase a copy of Te Ūkaipō 5 you can email: with the number of copies you’d like to order, a postal address and a purchase order number, if relevant. For non-booksellers, payment is required before we distribute the book. If you’d prefer, the Finance office at Te Wānanga o Raukawa sells all Te Tākupu publications over the counter. The journal is $20.

Written by Tumuaki Te Ropu Whakahau

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