Watch “A Century of Wonder – An Alexander Turnbull Library mini documentary”

The Alexander Turnbull Library began with the gift from Alexander Horsburgh Turnbull, who on his death in 1918 bequeathed his magnificent library to the nation. He had built a comprehensive collection relating to New Zealand and the Pacific, summed up in his own words: ‘anything whatever relating to this Colony, on its history, flora, fauna, geology and inhabitants, will be fish for my net, from as early a date as possible until now’.

You can check out the ATL collections on the National Library website

Mīharo Wonder exhibition | National Library of New Zealand 26 February to 2 October 2021, Wellington

The exhibition, curated by Fiona Oliver and Peter Ireland, brings to light some of the Alexander Turnbull Library’s rare treasures and curious artefacts. From well-known paintings to the most obscure of jottings, they reflect moments in time and give insights into place, culture and people’s lives.

“The items chosen declared themselves to our eye, heart and mind. We know they’ll speak to yours, too.”

Artist unknown :Log b[ridge] Coal Creek [ca 1900].. Ref: G-172. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/22707469

Written by Tumuaki Te Ropu Whakahau