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Hui ā tau

Hui ā-Tau 2022 Aohanga

Theme: Te Kai a te Rangatira

Dates: 7 – 10 November 2022

Marae: Te Aroha o Aohanga (Pāpāuma)

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Hui ā tau is the annual conference for Te Rōpū Whakahau.  This event provides members with an opportunity to network, seek new challenges and develop new skills.  Hui ā tau provides a platform for local iwi and hapū to connect with Māori library, culture, knowledge and information workers and the work they do.  They also have a rare chance to gain a greater appreciation of the sector and how they might influence services and service delivery.

Hui ā tau are usually organised by one rohe, with members volunteering to participate on the organising committee, and completing tasks to ensure the event is a success.

Guidelines for organising the Hui ā tau

Begin by organising a hui with members within the rohe to:

Komiti Whakahaere Duties 

At the conclusion of the Hui-ā-Tau, a comprehensive report is to be provided to Ngā Kaiwhakahau which will assist future Komiti Whakahaere.  This report will include details of sponsorship, a summary of delegates evaluation/feedback, lessons learned and recommendations. 


Full registration includes all days and all events.  Alternative registration options include: Day registrations, Early-bird registrations, and Hākari or single event tickets may be made available.

Financial matters

The maintenance of accurate financial records is of the utmost importance. It is essential that each Hui ā tau organising committee be made aware of their financial obligations for running the event.

Budget updates should be sent to the Kaitiaki Pūtea as changes are made.  All expenses must have an invoice or receipt and these forwarded to the Kaitiaki Pūtea.  If deposits are required prior to the event (e.g. marae, catering), the details (amount, name, postal address) are to be sent to the Kaitiaki Pūtea.

Compulsory Programme Requirements

Programme Suggestions

Other considerations

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