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Past Fora Outcomes

International Indigenous Librarians’ Forum 1999 – 2009
Background & Outcomes from Past Fora

compiled by Wendy Sinclair-Sparvier and Hinureina Mangan, November 2008


The International Indigenous Librarians’ Forum (IILF) was formed to address ways to foster and preserve language, traditions, culture and the values of indigenous peoples from all over the world. The Forum creates an opportunity to network and exchange ideas of best practices within libraries, museums, archives and educational institutions. The results will be the improvement of indigenous information, collection management and services to indigenous clients. The Forum provides a global network for sharing information and ideas.

The Mauri Stone

The mauri stone, created especially for IILF, was carved by Bernard Makoare and formally blessed by the Taranaki elder, the late Te Ru Koriri Wharehoka. The stone is imbued with the mauri, or life principle, of the Forum and holds the essence of discussions. It will continue to spiritually bind indigenous peoples who attend each Forum. As such the mauri stone carries indigenous aspirations for a positive future. The mauri stone is presented to the hosting nation to hold in safekeeping, giving continuity to the aims and aspirations of the Forum.

Hosting Nations, Forum Themes, Outcomes

Understand that it is a forum for indigenous peoples

Presentations of indigenous presentations to non-indigenous group


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