Ngā Kaiwhakahau | National Council

Ngā Kaiwhakahau is made up of three office holders:

  • Tumuaki (President);
  • Kaitiaki Pūtea (Treasurer); and
  • Kaiāwhina (Secretary).

and no more than seven positions set aside for Kaiwhakahau Councillors.  Ideally, each region has a representative on Ngā Kaiwhakahau.

Ngā Kaiwhakahau meet regularly, at least six times a year from July through June of the following year.  Additional “Special” meetings of Ngā Kaiwhakahau may be arranged as required. 

For all reports or updates to Ngā Kaiwhakahau, please email these at least two weeks before the meeting date to ensure it is included in the agenda and recorded in the minutes.

Meeting Dates for 2017-2018

  1. 1 Huitānguru 2017, 3-4pm, (Kanohi-a-ipurangi)
  2. 18 Paengawhāwhā, 3-4pm, (Kanohi-a-ipurangi)
  3. 8 Haratua, 10.30-4.30pm, (Kanohi ki te Kanohi)
  4. 6-7 Hōngongoi, 10-4.30pm (Kanohi ki te Kanohi)
  5. 19 Mahuru, 3-4pm, (Kanohi-a-ipurangi)
  6. 21 Whiringa-a-rangi, 3-4pm, (Kanohi-a-ipurangi)
  7. 20 Huitānguru 2018, 3-4pm (Kanohi-a-ipurangi)

Nominations to Ngā Kaiwhakahau

The minimum term for a Ngā Kaiwhakahau Councillor is two years.  The term may be extended if the Councillor also holds an officer role, such as Tumuaki, Kaitiaki Pūtea or Kaiāwhina.

If you would like to participate in the organisation and management of Te Rōpū Whakahau at a national level, then this could be the opportunity for you.  Being part of Ngā Kaiwhakahau has many rewards – if you:

  • Enjoy manaakitanga and advocating for others;
  • Have an interest in the strategic direction of the association;
  • Have been a financial member of Te Rōpū Whakahau for a minimum of one year;
  • Have a keen interest in Mātauranga Māori or information issues;
  • Would like to expand your talents and work at a national level;
  • Need experience in leadership or managing teams;
  • Would like to strengthen whanaungatanga for yourself and others;
  • Need a challenge and want to develop other transferable skills;
  • Enjoy networking;
  • Just want to do more!

All you need to is have someone nominate you by filling out the nomination form and email this though to Ngā Kaiwhakahau or this can be handed in person to a member of Ngā Kaiwhakahau at the beginning of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Hui-ā-Tau.  Ngā Kaiwhakahau are confirmed at the AGM and take up office in the following financial year, beginning 1 July.

You will also need agreement from your employer who is also required to sign the form.  We encourage you to seek agreement from your manager as soon as practicable.  This is an exciting opportunity and we look forward to receiving your expression of interest.

Ngā Kaiwhakahau nomination form 2016