a Maori language resource for librarians
compiled by Hinureina Mangan & Chris Szekely

Libraries are repositories of literature, enabling the thoughts of people to soar like a bird flight, now gliding, now hovering, now swooping and eventually coming to rest.

Let me just say to you all : Accept all challenges. Do not ignore them, but rather use then to your ultimate benefit.

"This publication was originally published in 1995 and is now out of print.
Some information may not be relevant to today, however the pronunciation
component can still be used as an alternative beginning to language

Hinureina Mangan
(Ngāti Mahuta, Ngāti Te Kiriwai, Ngāti Pourāhui) A long standing member of and continues to be actively involved in Te Rōpū Whakahau after stepping down from the position of Tumuaki in 2001. Currently the Kaihautū/Director for the Māori & Information Management Degree programme at Te Wānanga-o-Raukawa in Otaki. She has previously worked as Takawaenga-ā-Rohe (Tainui) for the National Library's Services to Māori, formerly known as the Māori Policy & Planning unit, as a Kaiarahi reo and Kaiako for Kura Kaupapa and Kōhanga reo, and as a researcher for the Waikato Museum of Arts & History's 1991 Tainui exhibition.

Chris Szekely
(Ngā Puhi) is a founding member of Te Rōp Whakahau, the national network of Māori library workers. He compiled the second edition of Te hīkoi mārama, a directory of Māori information resources, and has written extensively for the library profession on issues relating to biculturalism and services to Māori. In 1995 he received a USIS American Reverse Fellowship to travel to the United States and examine multicultural library initiatives. Currently the manager at Manakau Public Library.