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Are you an IFLA member? Register for the Indigenous Matters Section today!

An opportunity exists for you to play a vital role in the next phase of Indigenous Matters within IFLA and the profession.
The Professional Committee of the IFLA Governing Board made the decision to support the proposal to establish the INDIGENOUS MATTERS SECTION at its recent meeting in April.  There will be a two year transition period during which IFLA requires written confirmation from forty IFLA members (Associations, Institutions, Individuals) that they are willing to join the section by completing the registration form and emailing this through to IFLA HQ by 31 August 2015.
When this occurs and those signing on to be members of the Section have paid for membership in the new Section, a call for nominations to the Standing Committee will go out at the appropriate time.
A copy of the registration form is available below.
Registration form – IFLA Indigenous Matters Section

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