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Ian McLean Wards Scholarship


The Ian McLean Wards Memorial Trust is pleased to announce the establishment of an annual scholarship to assist researchers and practitioners in the librarianship, archives and records management fields to undertake research for a specific project advancing knowledge or improving practice relating to the recording, care, or conservation, of historical research materials. The primary purpose of the scholarship is to defray research expenses. In general, it is not intended to support post-graduate study, although particularly appropriate proposals may be considered.
Ian McLean Wards
The scholarship honours the outstanding cultural contributions of the late Ian McLean Wards (1920-2003), Chief Government Historian between 1968 and 1983. A life member of the Archives and Records Association of New Zealand and the Friends of the Turnbull Library, Ian was also a stalwart of many other cultural and artistic organisations. He is widely remembered for his untiring campaigns to safeguard the nation’s historical records and the integrity of the institutions holding them.
Terms of Award
1. The scholarship will usually be awarded annually, although the Trustees reserve the right to make no award if it is deemed in any year there is no proposal of sufficient merit, or to appropriately apportion the funds available if in any year more than one outstanding proposal is received. 
2. The Trustees may, at their discretion, announce specific requirements when calling for applications in any particular year. 
3. Applicants need not hold a university degree or diploma, but must provide evidence of ability to carry out research leading to a research report suitable for scholarly, professional, or popular publication, whether in print or electronic form. 
4. The scholarship is open to all New Zealand residents. 
5. Decisions relating to the award of the scholarship will be made by the executive committee of the Ian McLean Wards Memorial Trust, who may consult externally on the merit of particular research proposals received. 
6. The scholarship will be paid according to a schedule agreed with the successful applicant. 
7. A copy of the research report will be provided to the Ian McLean Wards Memorial Trust within a timeframe which shall be agreed between the Trust and the successful applicant prior to payment being made. 
General Inquiries
General inquiries relating to the scholarship should in the first instance be directed to either the Trust Chairperson, Dr Brad Patterson , or to the Trust Secretary, Mr A. L. Ferguson

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